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Slackware, Slax "Zenwalk 3 is an operating system based on Patrick Volkerding's Slackware GNU/Linux distribution, version 10.2. The entire operating system fits on a single CD, and stays true to what the author calls the 'Zen philosophy'. This philosophy, as it has been coined, refers to Zenwalk's policy of including one application per task. I've had a few problems with Slackware and Slackware-related systems in the past, but Zenwalk has alleviated all of my stress regarding those issues. Here's why."
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Liking Zenwalk a lot
by JeffS on Mon 16th Oct 2006 16:53 UTC
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Having tried many different distros over the last fews, and having gotten fed up with so many of them being bloated and buggy, I've been wanting to try something more stable and efficient.

I've tried Slackware, and liked it a lot - clean, simple (in design), super stable, and efficient. However, even though the command line tools are easy and the config files are well commented/documented, a Slack system takes too much work to get up and running the the way I want.

Enter Slackware derivatives. If so many Debian derivatives can improve on Debian on features, installation, usability, etc, I figured "why not a Slack based distro".

I've used Slax off and on for a year. IMHO, Slax is the best live CD next to Knoppix. However, it's purely a live CD, and the usefullness of Live CDs only goes so far.

So finally I gave Zenwalk a try.

Great move.

Zenwalk is super fast (blazingly fast - faster than anything I've tried), much easier to install and configure than Slack (with fantastic HD detection), and a wonderful Xfce desktop (*nix DE's is another big bugaboo for me - Gnome and KDE have gotten too bloated and buggy for me).

Adding packages is easy, too, with Netpkg, Gslapt, pkgtool, and going to Zenwalk repos, or Slack repos (it is based on Slack 10.2 afterall).

So Zenwalk is like a breath of fresh air - simple, clean, stable, polished, easy, and blazingly fast.

For now, I'm done with the likes of Ubuntu, Mandriva, Fedora, Mepis, etc - too much bloat, too many bugs, too many borked systems as a result of apt or yum or urpmi.

The Slack/Zen philosphy suits me very well.

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