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Slackware, Slax This is a review of Slackware 11.0 where the author explains what is in store for the Linux users who choose to use this Linux distribution. The article writes: "When you hear the name Slackware, you are at once transported to a world where Linux users feel more at home in setting the configurations by editing ordinary text files. In fact the credo of Slackware is to keep it as simple as possible. In popular speak, it is known by the acronym KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)."
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Jack Matier
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When I first entered into the distribution world on Linux about 3 years ago I was really nervous of Linux because of people's impressions of it being a really hard system to learn (horror stories of command line etc). So I tried the "easiest" and most popular from distrowatch being Mandrake (now Mandiva), Xandros and the like and ended up sticking with Xandros for a while. I even installed it on my girls computer at the time that was messed up with 3 partitions of NT.

Shortly after that I thought it was time to dig deeper, but I wasn't quite ready for Gentoo or Slackware and found this Canadian distribution named Vector. For those that don't know Vector Linux is based off of Slackware Linux and made easier with GUI tools. The community boards are also really helpful and I stuck with Vector for a while slowly learning things as I went along when I had the chance. This was my first actual production machine, and I was blown away and fell in love with Kate and LAMP..

I did continue to play around with other distributions on another partition but when Slackware 11 came out I downloaded it, burned it to DVD and installed it immediately... a week later it somehow managed to take over the rest of my HD.

There is something to be said about Slackware 11 which is how much you learn in such a short time, and in such a friendly manner. Most things are right there in the FAQ, and the only problems I encountered were with my Canon Pixma IP1500 and the typical Flash+Firefox+KDE!=sound (Which is fixed either by putting aoss or using Flash 9).

Most things can be found on linuxpackages now, though when something isn't there it's easy enough to compile it. Which is never a problem because Slackware comes with more tools for compiling things than other distro's.

Probably the best thing about Slackware is the fact that when you're using something like KDE it's like you're using KDE the way KDE intended it. So it feels at home in that way. It feels like what a Linux distribution actually is.


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BTW to make sound work with KDE-Flash-Firefox you usually just have to be a member of the "sound" group.
It worked for me. You can also start Firefox with "aoss firefox" for sound to work with flash.

Keep on Slackin'.

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