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In the News For a while now, we've been trying to think of good ways to allow the readers of OSNews to find OS or tech-related jobs, or find new employees for their companies. We've partnered with CareerBuilder, for a start, so if you're looking for a job, (or want to fill one) check it out.. But what else could we do? Would you like to see a place where people can post OS-related tech jobs? Let us know in the comments of this story. On this subject, Openwave, maker of the popular mobile phone web browser, is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to work on the core of their next generation mobile browser: "Must have demonstrable, extensive, real-world experience, a deep understanding of C and a working knowledge of C++." Openwave's web browser engineering team has a long history demonstrating and testing with OSNews' mobile site (screenshot), so we thought we give them a hand by posting this.
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Senior Developer and 2 years?
by Wondercool on Fri 10th Nov 2006 00:54 UTC
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The ad says 2 years experience. Sorry but how can you be a senior developer in 2 years? Is this another example of naming inflation?

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RE: Senior Developer and 2 years?
by JBQ on Fri 10th Nov 2006 01:05 in reply to "Senior Developer and 2 years?"
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Let me disclose that I'm an Openwave employee, and that I'm in fact the hiring manager for the position at Openwave that is mentioned as an example. I want to thank OSnews for using this specific job as an example.

The titles that we use are not based on years of experience, but on skill levels. I will have no problems hiring someone with 2 years of professional experience if they show the right skills, and they'll get the title that matches those skills, and the salary that goes with it. And if a candidate shows up fresh out of college but can demonstrate enough active participation in an open-source project, that's experience too.

Don't worry, there are plenty of titles above "Senior Software Engineer", so that this is not a career dead-end. Stick around long enough, show the right skills, and you'll end up an Architect or higher.

To put it another way: this is not a position for an entry-level programmer. This is a position for a smart engineer.

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rcsteiner Member since:

It's refreshing to see a hiring manager with your general attitude. :-)

I wish I would have been able to interact with more folks like you when I was looking for work a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, many companies seem to completely isolate the folks doing the hiring from the folks who are wanting to apply for a given position. :-(

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