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Opera Software "Opera Software chief Jon S. von Tetzchner's Web browser, popular with many hardcore computer users, hasn't taken over the industry. The Norwegian company's browser has been around for 12 years but has just 1.5% of the market. Compared to Microsoft's Internet Explorer, or even Mozilla's Firefox, it barely qualifies as an also-ran. But unlike its competitors Microsoft and Mozilla, Opera is focusing a lot of attention on noncomputer devices: mobile phones, videogame consoles or just about anything else you can stick a screen on."
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RE[2]: Why Opera ain't more popular
by Decius on Mon 13th Nov 2006 03:52 UTC in reply to "RE: Why Opera ain't more popular"
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Regarding clutter and layout issues I have to agree with Joe User and say that I'm a little bit confused by these claims. Everything in Opera is customizable by drag and drop, downloadable customizations (see for one source), as well as opera:config. I really love the fact that with items that are already in place on your toolbars you have to hold Shift in order to move things...that way there is less opportunity for accidental removal/modification. Another feature that I find really useful is the ability to bring back accidentally closed tabs using Ctrl-Z.

Other than marketing I can't think of a single reason that Opera doesn't have more market. Literally every person I have shown it to now uses it as their default.

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"Another feature that I find really useful is the ability to bring back accidentally closed tabs using Ctrl-Z."

A big +1.

Now, on "Everything in Opera is customizable", I'd like to right click on a bookmark and modify the name or URL of that bookmark -- can't do it. Or is there a better way?

BTW, I use all three browsers: Opera, IE, Firefox, after 3 months, I found myself use Opera the most.

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taos: Right click on a bookmark -> properties; edit away.

My tip of the day: Add a nickname to your bookmark, then all you have to do is type the nickname in the address bar and voila. I reckon its great, especially when you start to accumulate many bookmarks, and finding the right one can be timely.

The only thing Firefox 2 has over Opera is the spellchecker, which is more advanced than Opera's because it does that handy red underline thing.

Opera will be killer when they start to add persistence features such as; being able to sync browser settings/feeds/emails/widgets/notes/contacts etcetera on your PC with your phone or PDA and vice versa.

Even for dual booters this would be a total blessing!!!

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