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X11, Window Managers Apparently, my article a few days ago caused a bigger stir than I had anticipated, not at all unrelated to the fact that my wordings may not have been optimal. So, let me clarify things a bit.
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RE[2]: Huh?
by ciplogic on Sat 23rd Dec 2006 21:32 UTC in reply to "RE: Huh?"
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Taking about GNOME 3, it already exist in GNOME. As you can imagine, Project Topaz page evolve, and most of it's ideas were put inside of the "old gnome" at the moment that were time and posibility to make them available (and were good ideas).

KDE 4 is on time on evolving, even right now it looks even uglier than KDE 3! Did you sow a build of Longhorn in 2003? That which looks as XP + a sidebar? And asks 384 RAM with doing nothing? I think that is the same as you count down.

GNOME or KDE hipocrisy is the same as you say the Vista is better as much as features, when of course they implement something in that two years, but from the articles it seems that GNOME and KDE doesn't evolve. That is the outside view.

Numbering in linux DEs, different from Windowses service packs which add mostly fixex and no visible update, the GNOME and KDE evolves a lot (look on screenshots on KDE page, and see some of them).

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