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PC-BSD PC-BSD 1.3 was released on New Year's Eve. Dru Lavigne interviewed Kris Moore, Andrei Kolu, and Charles Landemaine of the PC-BSD release engineering team regarding the new release and their involvement within the PC-BSD community.
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FreeBSD simply does not rise to the level of Linux in hardware support.

This thread is about PCBSD, not about Linux. 30% of the threads on this site is about Linux distro this and Linux distro that. Face the fact... some of us don't favour Linux and that's that. Your subjective opinion belongs to the other 30% threads, so stay there.

And regarding HW support is a very debatable feature. is it the no of drivers? No of solid drivers? No of high performance drivers? no of reliable drivers? My opinion is this. IF it's in the BSD trees, it means they will work and not bring crashes. If the same goes for Penguinhackcrap I assume it to be experimental until experiencing different!

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