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BeOS & Derivatives Even more Haiku news today. Oliver Ruiz Dorantes, who will be monitoring GSoC student Salvatore Benedetto coming summer, has started work on what will become an office suite for Haiku. His blog already shows the first screenshots of the project. He is seeking for help on the project, so if you have the experience, feel free t help him out. Also, a new batch of icons has been added to Haiku.
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RE[6]: Why not
by El-Al on Thu 19th Apr 2007 16:55 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Why not"
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Heh! Who said anything about OS of choice? You have no idea what my OS of choice is as I have yet to find a _single_ OS that fits my needs. I use three and one is GNU/Linux.

If you had read the sentence as it was intended to be read, you would be aware that the reliability, stability, re-install issues I mention are aimed at entirely at Windows, not Linux.

I stand by my bad experiences with configuring Linux _and_ failed Linux installs but you are right, this is off-topic so I won't list them here. Any amount of 'bleating' on you blog is unlikely to change my mind.

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RE[7]: Why not
by lucky13 on Thu 19th Apr 2007 17:09 in reply to "RE[6]: Why not"
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If you had read the sentence as it was intended to be read

Maybe if you'd written it the way you wanted it to be read...

I stand by my bad experiences with configuring Linux _and_ failed Linux installs...

I'm not surprised. :-)

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RE[8]: Why not
by Valhalla on Thu 19th Apr 2007 18:25 in reply to "RE[7]: Why not"
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lucky13 wrote:
"Certainly would be easier than totally reinventing the wheel -- but that's what Haiku is all about, eh."

no, it's not reinventing the wheel. but since you like to lean on 'wheel' analogies so much,
you do realize that all wheels are not created equal? not only has the wheel been enhanced again and again over the course of it's history but it's also been adapted into several different versions that excel in certain terrains and conditions.

lucky13 wrote:
"Haiku won't expand much further than the hobbyists who are already enthralled with its "promise" right now unless it can exceed -- not merely match, but beat the bleeping socks off -- application offering (qualitatively and quantitatively) of other OSes. No killer app, no future."

no future as in what context? again you make it as if Haiku must 'turn a profit' or else fail somewhere along the line. it doesn't have to pick up the fight with the likes of Windows, OSX or Linux in order to 'excuse it's existence'. it's a volunteer project that is free for anyone to use.

btw, what is the Linux killer app, since it does have a future it must have one, right?

I can't help but wonder why you spend so much time in Haiku oriented topics. you state that Haiku is irrelevant and yet commenting on it seems extremely relevant to you. personally, if I find something irrelevant I simply move on.

finally, there will always be those who sit on their arse and and preach about what can and can't be done. these are the people who will never achieve anything. then we have those who challenges these naysayers and often ends up redefining exactly what is and isn't possible.

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