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Amiga & AROS Amiga, Inc. has terminated the contract with Hyperion and Eyetech on 20th December, and has sued Hyperion for copyright infringement on 26th April. Discussion about this trademark suit can be read on AmigaWorld; maybe the community can clear up what is going on here, because I lost track long ago. Update: A detailed description [.pdf] of the suit has appeared. Amiga Inc. is accusing Hyperion of trademark infringement, but also of breach of the agreement the companies signed among one another. According to Amiga Inc., the agreement said that Hyperion would exercise its 'best efforts' to release AmigaOS 4 by March 1st, 2002. They obviously failed that date (AOS4 was released 24th December 2006), and hence Amiga Inc. says the contract was broken. Exhibits included.
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Name followers
by nicholas on Mon 30th Apr 2007 13:03 UTC
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All these people that have "followed the name" since 2001 face a real dilemma now.

Do they continue to follow the name of Amiga Inc, or do they show themselves up to be hypocrites (after slagging off MorphOS for not having the name) and support HyperionOS (If it ever gets released)?

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RE: Name followers
by -ujb- on Mon 30th Apr 2007 14:41 in reply to "Name followers"
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Another evidence that it is clever to avoid "working" with Amiga Inc.
"Party on"

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RE: Name followers
by racs on Mon 30th Apr 2007 15:00 in reply to "Name followers"
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What name followers Nicholas? The pure facts: AmigaOS4 is based on the original AmigaOS3.1 sources, while MorphOS is a wannabe AmigaOS, a clone, which has similar functionalities.
This is not following the name, this is following the original AmigaOS codebase instead of using some OS which has only a mere compatibility layer. (Or what is Quark kernel and ABox is about?)

Regarding the original topic: the result of this legal action is rather questionable. After Eyetech stopped producing AmigaOne motherboards Amiga INC refused to grant the license to any hardware platform to run AmigaOS4 on for years.
I find it interesting what the judge is going to say after getting familiar with the original contract. (Which was leaked some time ago, so we all know what it was about.)

Amiga is cursed with utterly incompetent management since the Commodore days. It seems the name demands.

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RE[2]: Name followers
by jsutton on Mon 30th Apr 2007 17:45 in reply to "RE: Name followers"
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The pure facts: AmigaOS4 is based on the original AmigaOS3.1 sources

Actually it's not. Hyperion has confirmed that it is not on a number of occaisions.

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