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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris "There's a problem with Solaris and Sun knows it. The installation experience of Solaris (along with other areas) could be greatly improved. The installer doesn't 'suck' as it's easy and known to Solaris administrators, but for a Linux or Windows user it could prove to be a bit challenging. For those of you that have never tried out Solaris, what we've decided to do is to show you this 'usability gap' with the installation process in Solaris compared to Linux. Is the experience really that bad?"
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RE: useful ?....
by Duffman on Tue 26th Jun 2007 14:14 UTC in reply to "useful ?...."
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I don't agree. A lot of work is done to make the unix systems more accessible even for small enterprise.

Just check the leitmotiv of Mac OS X Server: "Open Source made easy".
Linux distributions are more and more easy to install/maintain.
I mean, even AIX 6 will come with a graphical intallation in order to help people to install it.

The unix world is trying to conquer the windows server world on their lands: the ease of use.

When you talk with windows sysadmin/users, the main critisism is that Unix is to hard to maintain/install because of lack of graphical tools.
For a lot of people, once your unix system is installed with what you choosed/configured during installation, it is enough.

Those tools will help them for that.

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