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Internet & Networking "Microsoft has released a new showcase of its Silverlight web development frameworks, a graphical search engine called Tafiti. Tafiti, which means 'do research' in Swahili, is an experimental frontend to Microsoft's Live Search engine. It presents search options in three panes on the screen: the left pane is for entering search queries and switching between image, RSS, Web, and News, the middle pane contains the search results, and the right pane is used to 'dock' results using drag-and-drop for looking at later."
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yes, it's truly revolutionary :->
by Maners on Fri 24th Aug 2007 14:49 UTC
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cause of the deal with Novell, a FOSS implementation called Moonlight is currently in the works.

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And then there´s this...
by MrSidecar on Fri 24th Aug 2007 19:37 in reply to "yes, it's truly revolutionary :->"
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I tried to install Silverlight, and after 90% it failed. I was then sent to this page, with details about the user friendly workaround. It probably didn't like that I chose "Run" instead of "Save" when I clicked on the download link...

Update: I followed the instructions and it still wouldn't install...

Update 2: Not only did I have to download the alpha version, but the instructions were incomplete. I had to type "install.exe" after step 9. I was not impressed by Tafiti. Most of the "Silverlight" features could be simplified using Javascript. There's no reason to add all that animation just to click the "news" button...

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"Most of the "Silverlight" features could be simplified using Javascript."

Tafiti runs on Silverlight 1.0, which uses javascript almost entirely. Hopefully that provides some insight.

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