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OSNews, Generic OSes "Bill Buzbee offered the first public demonstration of the Minix OS - a cousin of Linux [I beg your pardon?] - running on his homebrew minicomputer, today at the Vintage Computer Festival in Mountain View, Calif. Magic-1, built with 74-series TTL ICs using wire-wrap construction, implements a homebrew, 8086-like ISA."
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by ntl_ on Mon 5th Nov 2007 05:24 UTC
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Although, I must say, if I went about a project like this, I would start with a Xilinx Spartan fpga development board and code up the microprocessor in Verilog.

Might be less "homebrew" that way, though.

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RE: Nice!
by Morin on Mon 5th Nov 2007 20:22 in reply to "Nice!"
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In case anyone wants to try this, these guys are selling the best development boards I've seen:

I recommend the XSA-3S1000 to start with, and the XST-3.0 as an add-on to the former to add some peripherals. They are $200 each. Don't forget the software ($1 for the cd) and power supply (<$10).

BTW, even if your goal is building the hardware from 74xxxx, the FPGA development boards make some good hardware debuggers.

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