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OS/2 and eComStation Last month, IBM made an announcement that put an end to any hope of an open source OS/2. Responding to requests from an online community that had previously collected 11,600 signatures in support of its cause, the company confirmed that they would not be releasing the source code of their OS/2 operating system. I used OS/2 as my main operating system for about four years, and unlike some former users, my reaction to the news sits somewhere between disinterest and relief.
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RE: OS/2, AmigaOS and others
by umccullough on Thu 7th Feb 2008 21:14 UTC in reply to "OS/2, AmigaOS and others"
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BeOS will soon live again as Haiku, it has so far taken about 10 years to reach the point that people can see it as a possible replacement OS.

Actually, less than 7 years so far...

Another worth mentioning could be ReactOS - instead of begging Microsoft to open-source older versions of Windows, it seems far more reasonable to put your efforts behind ReactOS instead.

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mmu_man Member since:

Actually it might be simpler to implement the OS/2 subsystem in ReactOS than redo it from scratch... (just like DOS, win16 and win32, and POSIX, OS/2 API should be enclosed in a single subsystem).
(actually IIRC it's called Presentation Manager)

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Earl Colby pottinger Member since:

Okay, I just seems like ten years to me ;)

Hopefully, I will not have a lot of problems transferring my BeOS programming skills to Haiku.

PS. Yes, I know anyone looking at my code on BeBits is saying "What programming skills?".

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