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Fedora Core "Paul Frields is new to Red Hat, but he's not new to the Fedora Linux community. Frields became the Fedora project leader and a Red Hat employee at the beginning of February. Previously Frields was a US government employee and a contributor to the Fedora community for more than four years. Frields takes over at a pivotal time for Fedora as it gears up for its next major release, Fedora 9. A feature freeze is currently set for March 4, and Frields is already ready to chat about where Fedora is heading."
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RE: Fedora
by Bitterman on Fri 29th Feb 2008 17:11 UTC in reply to "Fedora"
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Alot of people seem to have had the exact opposite experience. Many had severe issues with ubuntu's last release (packman hard drive, my network card (intel 3945abg) on my toshiba not recognized). Please try to be informative and list specific issues or links to bug reports so people take you seriously and not just scoff it off as another fan boy trying to put down the other distro. I'm not the only one cautious of these posts.

Fedora isn't bug free by any stretch but I'd just like to know the bugs you supposedly came across are valid or fixed.

Fedora is by far the most innovative distro out there so you'd expect bugs but its surprisingly stable for the most part. The issues i had tend to be with yum cause ALOT of rapid dev has been going on here so things are in a constant state of flux. but it appears the foundation is set now and the changes will be mostly incremental from here on out cutting the bugs down hopefully. (whats up with yum updatesd!)everythings locked all the time we all disable it.

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RE[2]: Fedora
by TechGeek on Fri 29th Feb 2008 19:24 in reply to "RE: Fedora"
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I think the main problem with Yum updates is the fact that its not multithreaded. I could be wrong as I am not a big coder but it acts like it is a single thread (including the Gui) getting hung up waiting for stuff to download. The cli version works like a charm.

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RE[3]: Fedora
by buff on Fri 29th Feb 2008 23:06 in reply to "RE[2]: Fedora"
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I think you are basically right about the lack of threading. Once I fire up yum I can't interrupt it. Sometimes I will have to kill yum and then remove the locked file to get it running again. On the bright side, Fedora 9 supports delta RPMs so only changed files are downloaded, reducing download times. Overall I am pretty happy with Fedora 8 right now. Pulseaudio sometimes bugs me. I can't figure out why the audio makes a popping sound when the volume goes down to zero. It offers nice features but also creates new hassles and has increased overhead. It should be interesting to see how the Ubuntu folks react to it when it is pushed mainstream.

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