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Opera Software Opera Software announced the availability of Opera Mini 4.1 for cellphones, which introduces the following new features: Opera Mini 4.1 is up to 50% faster than Opera Mini 4.0. The new Opera Mini will automatically suggest URL completions, making address input easy and intuitive. Web pages can be saved for later off-line viewing (newer Java implementation required). Opera Mini 4.1 gives you quick access to the word or phrase you want in Web pages. Images, ringtones and other content can be downloaded without leaving Opera Mini. You can test Opera Mini 4.1 from within your browser too (if you scroll all the way down on the mobile page of OSNews you can select between our desktop and mobile version).
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RE: Very nice...
by xfranky on Wed 14th May 2008 09:49 UTC in reply to "Very nice..."
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The effort for a mobile gecko-based browser is going on:
...but it won't be Java-based so the potential user-base will be much smaller; Opera Mini OTOH runs even on quite old JME implementations, like the one on my dear old Nokia 6230 or the one in most WindowsMobile2003-based devices, which are still quite used.

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