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Linux This article takes a look at five great but not very well-known desktop-focussed Linux distros, including SimplyMEPIS and Mint. It focuses on distros that are easy-to-use.
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Indeed. Now can you kindly ask them to come back. Those of us who prefer non-debian systems sorely miss them.

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Those of us who prefer non-debian systems sorely miss them.

Certainly there is a void between fast and loose Fedora and musty old RHEL/CentOS. Don't get me wrong. CentOS may be my favorite distro. But I'd love to have something RedHatesque with a 12 month release cycle, 3-5 years of support, and a sane volume of nightly updates.

One can achieve some of the goals by deploying Fedora n-1 after Fedora n is out. But then there is the nasty forced upgrade every six months, which is arguably worse than just deploying every other Fedora release. And it looks like RedHat is planning on going well beyond a 24 month release cycle for RHEL 6. Likely when F11 comes out, RHEL will still be at the equivalent of Fedora Core 6. Even so, it (and CentOS) seem to me like the best balance available in the RH world at this time.

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