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Microsoft After much, much, much speculation, Microsoft let the cat out of the bag today: due to weak results, Microsoft is going to cut 5000 jobs. Those 5000 jobs will disappear over the course of 18 months, with 1400 jobs being cut immediately. Quarterly results, as well as the cost-cutting measures, were made known in a press release today.
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RE: sad
by kaiwai on Fri 23rd Jan 2009 12:38 UTC in reply to "sad"
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Even when I hate Microsoft, it is sad to hear that more people with families are going to loose their jobs.

I hope our economy recovers this year.


I doubt it will; the economy has some major structural problems and neither Clinton, Bush or Obama will do/did anything to address the core issues. Obama will tweak around the edges, just like is predecessors but never get to the root of the problem.

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RE[2]: sad
by modmans2ndcoming on Fri 23rd Jan 2009 23:51 in reply to "RE: sad"
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which is?

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RE[3]: sad
by kaiwai on Sat 24th Jan 2009 00:49 in reply to "RE[2]: sad"
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which is?

A convoluted tax system, bloated central government where there is a tug of war between central and local (state) governments. Then there is misguided regulation and interference into the economy - such as the push for mortgages to people who quite frankly shouldn't be within a 100km radius of a home loan.

There is a lot more, but this isn't the forum to discuss these kids of things.

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