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OSNews, Generic OSes While last week was a tad bit uneventful, this week made up for it. Not only did we get the long-awaited release of KDE 4.2, we also gained more insight into the whole Palm/Apple thing, NVIDIA's CEO said a few funny things, and we got an important sit-rep on SkyOS straight from Robert Szeleney himself. This week's My Take is about life, death, and resurrection.
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RE[3]: So what IS new in KDE 4.2?
by Elv13 on Mon 2nd Feb 2009 04:03 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: So what IS new in KDE 4.2?"
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You have to understand that 4.2 goal was to be better than 3.5, to acheive that, they had to finish the port and bring features back. The panel one are the most usefull to me, shortcut too. But it is the addition of all little deatils that make the greatest new feature of 4,2, the plus value of all tweak: it is polished. It was not the case in previous release. this one feel mature and ready.4.0 was "working", 4.1 was usable and now 4.2 is ready, it is why it is called "The anwser". Now we have a KDE with the feature and configuration od 3.5 and the feature that KDE4(.0) did bring, like the pillars (that start to be widelly used by more and more apps with every new release).

And a feature that I forget to list in my previous post: the new kuiserver that does not steal focus and stack in plasma, thats usefull.

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4.2 is ready, it is why it is called "The anwser".

I think 4.2 == 42 == "answer to everything" from Douglas Adams' THHGTTG.

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