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Editorial Does Windows 7 contain more DRM than Windows Vista? Does Windows 7 limit you from running cracked applications, and will it open the firewall specifically for applications that want to check if they're cracked or not? Does it limit the audio recording capabilities? According to a skimp and badly written post on Slashdot, it does. The Slashdot crowd tore the front page item apart - and rightfully so.
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not all fud
by TechGeek on Thu 19th Feb 2009 06:13 UTC
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I dont know anything about the photoshop problems but I do see two valid points raised in the slashdot article. First, software can over ride the admin for firewall rules. The problem here is that the user was probably running as admin since that is the default, meaning that all software running has admin privileges. Adobe software can be notoriously a pain when it comes to license schemes. So I can certainly see this happening.

As for the sound card, Vista runs all sound card functions as software. It will not allow hardware to be directly accessed. I have sound cards that have optical ports that work flawlessly in Linux, but have NEVER worked in Windows. Some recording functions are disabled in Vista, particularly recording output sound. This was a problem for many people who used their sound card to do VOIP. The limitation stopped the app from being able to block the feedback from the speakers going into the mic.(this is why you dont hear an echo when talking to someone).

But the posters above have the right idea. If you dont like the DRM, STOP USING WINDOWS!

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RE: not all fud
by wanderingk88 on Thu 19th Feb 2009 11:47 in reply to "not all fud"
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First, software can over ride the admin for firewall rules.

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