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Hardware, Embedded Systems We may have reported earlier that Apple might finally face the headwind from the economic downturn, but that's not everything there's to this story. Recent data suggests - once again - that Apple customers are very, very satisfied with their Apple purchases. In other words, most current Apple customers are very likely to buy Apple again. Interestingly, ASUS and Acer did very well in the survey as well.
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RE[3]: Tells for itself
by darknexus on Fri 20th Feb 2009 19:39 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Tells for itself"
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A bit OT, but if your Macbook is heating up like that you should probably have it looked at. That is not normal, they do run a bit warm but nothing like that, and generally they get a bit warm on the bottom but not near the keyboard. On mine, non-aluminum white 2.4ghz, the keyboard and trackpad are only slightly warmer than room temperature, though the bottom warms my lap up nicely but doesn't burn it. It doesn't run as coolas my iBook G4 did, now that laptop hardly ever got warm at all, but it doesn't get anywhere near hot enough to burn. I'd either take it in for service or, if you prefer, open it up and have a look at the fans, as something is definitely going wrong with it.

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