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Linux The first snapshot release of Komodo, a next-generation Linux/.NET-based operating system, is now available. "A new desktop environment codenamed Dagon is now being developed with [D-Bus, Composite, Linux 2.6] to bring a new face of Linux to users. The environment is being developed around the Emotion graphics/UI toolkit to best make use of these new display and communication technologies as well as to provide a solid and useable interface for casual users." Get the latest snapshots from their FTP servers. Read more information for developers, users and enterprise users.
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The truth arrives
by on Thu 22nd Sep 2005 19:12 UTC

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Some of these comments are pretty funny..."why don't they just join Gnome or KDE"..."we already have enough desktops".

The funny part of this is when you advocate a "standard" desktop some of these people will be the first to throw a hissy fit.

So I guess when it's Gnome and KDE, it's all cool, but when these guys do something different (and this is very different down to the toolkit) it's not ok.

But when another random distro comes out that does nothing different, but has a new name and a new repository, then "choice" is good.

A bunch of hypocrites. Let's face some facts. Not having a "standard" which really means dominant desktop has hurt LotD, and since there isn't going to be one at least there are people being a little bit innovative - rather than YAD

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RE: The truth arrives
by on Fri 23rd Sep 2005 00:00 in reply to "The truth arrives"
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A bunch of hypocrites? Please man, they don't speak for all of us. Perhaps these people don't like having any choices? Then that is their choice!

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RE: The truth arrives
by fury on Fri 23rd Sep 2005 16:09 in reply to "The truth arrives"
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Thank you for pointing that out. Something definitely has to change in the minds of those in the mainstream Linux community. There is a LOT of room for improvement in our OS.

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