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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu According to Canonical head honcho Mark Shuttleworth, Windows 7 presents the ideal opportunity for Linux to gain significant inroads into the desktop market. He said so in an interview with InternetNews. While I certainly do hope so, an eerie sense of deja vu creeps up on me: isn't this like the 923298th opportunity where Linux is supposed to make inroads into the desktop market?
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Time for a new OS
by mrAmiga500 on Fri 3rd Apr 2009 00:14 UTC
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I was a Linux fan... until I actually used it. I had such a loathing and hatred of Windows (at work, I'd never have that shit in my home), that I jumped to Linux the first chance I got. I was utterly, mind-bogglingly disappointed. I didn't think anything could suck worse than Windows, but I had found it. I tried many, many "distros" over the years, but they all had problems. I had to reinstall Linux because of major problems even MORE than I reinstalled Windows. Linux is unresponsive, convoluted, buggy bloat. (However, the fact that it's free makes me hate it marginally less.) If other people had similar experiences, then it's no wonder it's not making inroads in the desktop market.

I think it's time for an entirely NEW desktop OS - one that puts user interaction as TOP PRIORITY, a streamlined, optimized for speed, kick-ass OS without bloat or legacy bullshit - something like a blending of BeOS and Amiga. I know, it'll never happen.

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RE: Time for a new OS
by sbenitezb on Fri 3rd Apr 2009 01:11 in reply to "Time for a new OS"
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Haiku might be the answer in the future.

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RE[2]: Time for a new OS
by mrAmiga500 on Fri 3rd Apr 2009 01:59 in reply to "RE: Time for a new OS"
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Yes, I have hopes for Haiku, but I don't think it'll ever get beyond hobby status. I'd like to see a company like Google attempt an OS. They actually have the resources to get something going (although their only reason to make an OS would be to kill Microsoft). If they made a snappy responsive lightweight OS, we'd see something interesting.

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RE: Time for a new OS
by Mellin on Fri 3rd Apr 2009 10:45 in reply to "Time for a new OS"
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you should have bought a mac ;)

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RE: Time for a new OS
by Coxy on Fri 3rd Apr 2009 12:12 in reply to "Time for a new OS"
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Funny, your experience of Linux has been exactly my experience too.

Linux users always claim windows they have nothing but problems and BSOD with windows... I haven't seen any blue screen since using Windows 98. I just got a new laptop with Vista and I like it. I don't see why everyone says it is so bad. I installed Ubuntu in Virtual Box and have used it twice. I can't see any reason to use it. Linux seems better than when I was in Uni., but I still have to force myself to use it. It has Firefox and email clients and everything else, but so does Vista. So why would want to switch to it? Everything I want and NEED to do for work with windows I can with Vista. Not with linux because the software doesn't exist and the hardware isn't recognised or doesn't function correctly. I have OOo installed so that i can write manuals for TYPO3 extension I write, I showed my wife. She hates computers and uses them only when she has to - really only just word and a browser - a prime candidate you would think for Linux if you believe what the fanboys say. She had to use OOo at uni and even she thought it sucked - she wasn't the only one - and made me install the Office trial that came with my new laptop.

She's just the kind of average person Linux users claim could easily switch to something like OOo, she spent a year being forced to put up with incompatabillity and swore never to use the thing again.

I shan't hold my breath waiting for Linux to make inroads... and I don't need to hold my breath waiting for this post to get modded down to -20... it's probably already started by the time you read my reply.

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jabbotts Member since:

uh.. I'm a Mandriva, Debian and Backtrack user who also uses Windows and osX daily. I think your claim is a little flawed:

"Linux users always claim windows they have nothing but problems"

My Windows box runs pretty well for it's required tasks, my osX box has had no issues and unless it's one of my testing or training builds, my various Linux based OS installs take minimal maintenance. Are you sure it's "All Linux user" your talking about?

I'd be more interested to hear what problems you had rather than hearing you have a Linux-basher commisseration. Your issues may be very valid or you may find out someone here has the solution that takes less than two minutes to implement. You may have no interest and be very happy with Vista for your needs and that's perfectly fine also.

I just think that stating all users who happen to prefer a Linux based platform are nothing but blind fanboys may be incorrect.

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RE[2]: Time for a new OS
by Moulinneuf on Fri 3rd Apr 2009 18:31 in reply to "RE: Time for a new OS"
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Glad to hear that all OEM can drop Windows support , according to you it don't exist and Windows works everytime ...

Reality say OEM get less support request for GNU/Linux then they do for windows.

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