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Linux Yes boys and girls, it's Net Applications time. Sure, their figures are flawed, and sure, they're misused all over the non-scientifically educated media, but that doesn't mean they do not indicate trends. One of those trends was a slowly rising popularity of Linux, which hit 0.93% market share in August 2008, only to sink back again during the following months. Well, it's April May 2009 now, and Linux has finally crossed the 1% market share line!
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RE[3]: The way :)
by UltraZelda64 on Sun 3rd May 2009 00:30 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: The way :)"
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Unfortunately, yes, the average user is that dumb.
And, then there are the ones that click through all the UAC prompts, then wonder why their system stopped working.

Too bad Microsoft's way of asking endless questions does nothing but train people to click "yes" or "OK" whenever a question comes up. In other words: it doesn't work. And as if that wasn't bad enough, for those people who *do* know what they're doing, their computing experience can quickly be turned to shit.

For me, Windows XP is absolutely horrible upon install, and I always immediately went through changing dozens of settings, all over the damn place, often to shut the damn thing up, turn off flashy crap, and make it stop guzzling resources. Quick example: "Are you sure you want to safely send this item to the recycle bin?" then "Are you sure you want to permanently remove this item from the recycle bin?" I doubt Vista is much better, but thankfully I don't run Windows any more...

"Excuse me for a couple of hours, I think I need to vomit in terror.

Sorry. This stall is occupied.

Good one. ;)

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RE[4]: The way :)
by google_ninja on Mon 4th May 2009 15:29 in reply to "RE[3]: The way :)"
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If all you see is "ok" or "cancel", you are running vista as an admin, which you shouldn't be doing in the first place. If you don't run as a user in the administrators group, then you see a dialog prompting you for the username and password of someone who is in the adminstrators group.

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RE[5]: The way :)
by darknexus on Mon 4th May 2009 16:19 in reply to "RE[4]: The way :)"
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No, you shouldn't be doing it... but then, why is it the default behavior when Vista is first installed? MS either needs to default to creating a limited user plus an administrator password, or require the administrator's password in UAC dialogs even when running as admin. One or the other needs to be done, or UAC is basically useless as a security measure and in fact is harmful by creating a bad habbit of clicking "ok" to any dialog.

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