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Debian and its clones Via LWN, we found a blog post of a Debian maintainer which announces a new package: EGLIBC, a compatible reimplementation of the GNU glibc which "which will soon replace the GNU C Library". Apparently the primary reason is the sadly famous bad maintainership aptitude of Ulrich Drepper, the main libc maintainer.
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I saw this coming years ago
by Vanders on Wed 6th May 2009 19:19 UTC
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Ulrich has always been a very focused person, but sadly his focus has always been Linux. Glibc has always claimed to be "portable" but then Ulrich (& one or two other Glibc contributors) seem to want to make porting or supporting Glibc on anything but Linux as difficult as possible. One example I've had to deal with on Syllable is the insistence that the kernel & toolchain must support the (non-standard) GNU TLS extensions (you might know them as the __thread storage specifier in GCC). This imposes external dependencies on any platform that wants to use Glibc, and the idea that GNU TLS is a non-standard extension to GCC & the ELF spec and might therefore be better as optionally supported seems to fly right past Ulrich: it works on Linux, so what's the problem?

Now having said all of that, I'm not yet convinced anyone else can do as good a job of holding Glibc together and driving it forward as Ulrich is doing right now.

I'll be watching EGLIBC with interest, but I'm not going to bank my house on it just yet...

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For a moment there I thought "why the hell do they want TLS in the kernel" and then I realized they mean GNU Thread Local Storage and not GNU Transport Layer Security. Stupid either way though

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<stupid question>

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