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Mac OS X Six months ago, a certain security flaw in Java was fixed by Sun. This flaw was present in OpenJDK, GIJ, icedtea and Sun's JRE, but it got fixed in those. There's one important shipping Java implementation that still has not been fixed to remove this security flaw: Apple's Java.
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RE: OpenJDK not good solution?
by slashdev on Wed 20th May 2009 15:10 UTC in reply to "OpenJDK not good solution?"
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I am just wondering if OpenJDK isn't better solution for Apple users then? Unless Apple's Java is tightly bound to MacOS X, or has special features, I can't see a reason why not to use up-to-date, secure solution that Linux users use. Best, H.

Unfortunately Apple cannot replace their VM investment with the OpenJDK. From what i understand, in the earily days of Mac OS X, Objective-C was not very popular, and seen by Apple as a hinderence. To entice more developers over to the platform, Apple commited to making Java a "first class citizen" on the Mac OS X platform. So there are a lot of Apple only features in the Apple JDK. They also intergrated swing and their aqua interface. As well as little things like spell checking and such. As Objective-C gained popularity, Apple's Java commitment waned.

I suspect because of the OS level intergration they wont be using any GPL'd code, as they dont want to show their source.

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