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Novell and Ximian "We chat to Gnome and coder Michael Meeks about all things Linux. Here's a few of the questions we asked the Novell employee."
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OO Startup time.
by gilboa on Mon 26th Sep 2005 17:46 UTC
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On a P4/2.8Ghz/512MB/FC3, oowriter 1.4 takes around 6 seconds to start.
On a comparable P4 machine (with XP/SP2), Word 2K3 takes around 3 seconds to start.
On my dual Opteron workstation (2x248,2GB,FC4/64), oowriter 2.0 beta takes around 2-3 seconds to start.
The numbers on my AthlonXP 1900 machine are very close to that of the P4 machine(s).
On my P2/366/256MB/Slackware/Dropline notebook, oowriter 1.4 takes around 30 seconds to start.

Granted, on a low end machine (such as may 7 y/o laptop) OO is slow as hell.
However, on any modern machine, OO 2.0 startup times are fairly close the Office 2K3 ones.
I doubt that a 1 second difference in startup time is crucial to anyone.


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RE: OO Startup time.
by on Mon 26th Sep 2005 20:17 in reply to "OO Startup time."
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I don't see what the huge deal is, open office 1.1.5 flies on startup. Maybe the distro underneath is slowing things down. I just did a cold start of 1.1.5, on Slackware 10.1 (using xfce), on an AMD64 mobile turion (1.6ghz), 512mb, and it took 1-3 seconds. A warm start is nearly instant.
What's the big deal people?

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