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Qt As some had already anticipated when Nokia acquired Trolltech, the next version of the Maemo platform will have its application framework based on Qt instead of Gtk+. This news was announced at the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit. While the switch to Qt may seem a major defeat for the GNOME community, this isn't exactly true, as many of the underlying technologies will still be GNOME-centric.
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not surprising
by JoeBuck on Mon 6th Jul 2009 16:55 UTC
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Nokia owns Qt, so they ordered everyone to use Qt. Similarly, when Microsoft buys a web services firm that uses a LAMP stack, they make them switch to Microsoft technology. In neither case are the decisions made on technical merit (not that there's anything wrong with Qt, it is a well-designed library).

However, I agree with the other commenters that the alleged "Gnome-centric" technology is actually desktop-neutral technology coming from and used both by KDE and Gnome.

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RE: not surprising
by arpan on Mon 6th Jul 2009 17:43 in reply to "not surprising"
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On the other hand, there was a reason Nokia purchased QT. If they were satisfied with GTK, they would have continued using that and never purchased Trolltech & QT.

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RE[2]: not surprising
by reez on Tue 7th Jul 2009 14:18 in reply to "RE: not surprising"
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I guess they purchased Trolltech (the company, not the library!) because they had potential to offer a better mobile platform than they do.

Most companies purchase potential, small enemies before they get big enemies. The technology is a nice extra (or the reason for being a danger), but I doubt Trolltech was purchased to aquire the technology in first place.

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RE: not surprising
by lpotter on Wed 8th Jul 2009 07:21 in reply to "not surprising"
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Nokia purchasing Trolltech was all about technical merit. It certainly wasn't because Trolltech was making heaps of money.

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