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Internet & Networking The beta for Moonlight 2.0 is now available. It's considered feature complete and is ready to test against Silverlight 2.0-minded websites. Microsoft has already gone and released Silverlight 3.0, but the Moonlight team is pretty confident that users will generally be able to access most if not all web content while Silverlight 3.0 is still young. Moonlight will ask to update itself to the beta automatically in Firefox, but new users can also download the plugin.
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by Quake on Tue 18th Aug 2009 01:11 UTC
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Linux users will always be playing catch up since it's not Microsoft who's developing the plugin.

Thank god Silverlight is not that popular yet.

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RE: *sigh*...
by Lobotomik on Tue 18th Aug 2009 09:47 in reply to "*sigh*..."
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At least the situation is better than with Flash, where nothing can be done but wait for Adobe to graciously upgrade their plugin (and fruitlessly wait for them to iron the bugs out).

As for always trailing Microsoft, it seems not to be a problem, as Microsoft itself have a tough time trailing themselves. Successive, incompatible versions of Silverlight pop up so fast that nobody on his or her right mind should put their money into an infrastructure that is sure to be obsolete by the time their project is done.

The absence of any Silverlight application of note makes me think that the worldwide consensus is to wait for Silverlight 17.3, expected... 2037? when the api is expected to be frozen. But it will be very, very good, let me tell you.

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