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Graphics, User Interfaces Last week, Culf of Mac published an article showing off some of Snow Leopard's beautiful 512x512 icons, revealing some interesting tidbits about them you could only see when the icons are fully maximised. In this article, I compare some of Snow Leopard's icons to those of Windows 7, and you'll see while both operating systems have beautiful icons, there are some key differences between the styles of these icons. Note that this article contains some large images, so if you're on dial-up, you've been warned.
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RE[2]: PC is still BSOD
by Sabon on Tue 8th Sep 2009 16:33 UTC in reply to "RE: PC is still BSOD"
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And you don't work for and support and organization with 10,000 plus people. If you worked where I did you would see it once in awhile. Still, there are very few that I see now days. But then we re-image Windows computers before they get to that point most of the time.

Usually when we get them it is due to the hard drive running out of disk space due to an app trying to update and failing over and over and creating more temp files as it does.

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