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Microsoft According to a leak from a BestBuy employee, Microsoft is initiating a sort of "Anti-Linux Training" course for the employees, and those who take part in the said training are rewarded with a copy of Windows 7 for only ten dollars. The leaked screenshots of the campaign show Microsoft's comparison of its own system with an obscure "Linux" and how Windows is better in every way including security, "free downloads", and software and hardware compatibility.
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RE[3]: In other news
by Jokel on Wed 9th Sep 2009 06:23 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: In other news"
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Marketing is one thing...

Giving people at a shop a "training" to outright lie to the customer is another thing in my opinion. To make sure they "understand" what they have to do, those people are given a "present". Sounds like those people are being "bought" by Microsoft - doesn't it?

When pharmaceutic industries are pushing their medicine using your doctor by giving him presents in order to prohibit the us of another (and maybe better) medicine you would be upset. If Micosoft is pushing their product using the sales person at the shop by giving him presents to in order to prohibit the use of another (and maybe better) OS, you say "nah - just marketing".

I think it is essential to keep an eye in the big company's (not only Microsoft) to make sure they keep behaving a little. If Microsoft is using it's (very) big weight, his big financial resources and his monopoly (yes - bigger than 60% market share counts as a monopoly) to crush even a (said) tiny 1% opposition this is certainly worrying. If this company is buying store personal to outright lie to the consumer in order to reach the goal of eradicating even the tiniest opposition on the planet, alarm signs should start ringing..

At the other hand ... it could be I had not enough coffee this morning. That's another possibility. Thankfully that one is solvable.... ;-).

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RE[4]: In other news
by drstorm on Wed 9th Sep 2009 08:45 in reply to "RE[3]: In other news"
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You are right at large, but it's this "outright lies" part that I'm concerned with. Are they really just outright lies?

Also, if FSF had the power to do so, don't you think that they would provide the same kind of "education" about the "Windows 7 Sins"? At least Microsoft is not using that kind of hateful language.

I like the idea of Open software, but I don't like FSF at all. They are in some respects worse than Microsoft. The only difference is that they are not as powerful.

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RE[4]: In other news
by LighthouseJ on Wed 9th Sep 2009 12:40 in reply to "RE[3]: In other news"
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Who said anything about lies?

MS could've picked the most shoddy, but still recent-ish distribution with a linux kernel to contrast with to produce their "results". Aren't we still debating what is "linux"? Is it the kernel, GNU utils, etc... Not trying to start a war, just illustrating the definition isn't quite determined.

Personally, I could find at least one thing on each slide that's not true (that linux *does* do that thing) with linux distributions I know of, but would be true (that linux *does not* do) on others.

Your knee-jerk reactions aside, shouldn't we be directing our reactions to Best Buy who let Microsoft in the whooshing doors? If one thing about MS is correct, is that they will always position themselves for more profit, so this shouldn't be surprising. The one contemptuous thing about MS is the $10 copy of Win7 though, yet they have exorbitant prices. The whole pirating Windows vs. pricey valid copies vs. OEM "Windows tax" on new PC's is a time bomb waiting to go off.

But if you're going to Best Buy to *purchase* Linux, then you're in a bad way anyway and you have bigger troubles to contend with. I guess this campaign is focused towards the narrow sliver of adventurous intermediate computer users that idly ask about Linux at Best Buy? I'll wait for the hidden camera videos about knowledgeable users going in there to debate the clueless Best Buy employees, the more chip-on-their-shoulder on either side, the better.

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RE[4]: In other news
by tomcat on Fri 11th Sep 2009 04:41 in reply to "RE[3]: In other news"
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Giving people at a shop a "training" to outright lie to the customer is another thing in my opinion.

Let me get this straight: It's "lying" to point out that Linux distros can't play AAC/MP3s/DVDs? That Linux can't run many/most Windows apps without installing/setting up WINE?

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