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Linux I'm in a bit of a pickle here. I have an Atom 330-based tiny computer which I use as my HTPC. It performed its job fine running Windows 7 and Boxee, and over the past few months, it ran Mac OS X Leopard with Plex. Now, however, I want to try Linux as an HTPC operating system, but I kind of ran into a roadblock there with Ubuntu 9.10 - so the question is: what is a good HTPC Linux distribution?
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RE: Who cares?
by Morgan on Fri 30th Oct 2009 23:53 UTC in reply to "Who cares?"
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What law did he break? An EULA is not criminally enforceable, else half the computer-using people on earth would be rotting in jail. He didn't violate the DMCA (not that it matters in his country anyway) and he certainly didn't steal anything. If you'd read his article on the Hackintosh process he used, you'd know that. He used a Leopard retail disc, a boot-132 bootloader (open source under Apple's own license) and he even labeled the computer with an apple--tongue in cheek maybe, but to the letter of the EULA.

So, as a law enforcement employee for the past ten years, I ask you: What law did he break? My coworkers certainly wouldn't arrest him for installing legally purchased software on a legally purchased computer with no circumvention of copyrighted content. In fact, they'd likely arrest YOU for false report of a crime, which is illegal.

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