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Legal While the Apple v. Psystar case is currently on hold until the hearing regarding the motions for a summary judgement takes place (November 12) the Psystar v. Apple case (still with me?) is only just beginning. Psystar has amended its original complaint in this second lawsuit, asking the judge to order Apple to cease calling Psystar's business "illegal", claiming it hurts the clone maker financially.
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RE: Quite ironic really...
by JayDee on Tue 3rd Nov 2009 13:49 UTC in reply to "Quite ironic really..."
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...that they play the opensource card on the very week they may have been found to have illegally used opensource code

So far I haven't seen any concrete proof. I may be wrong. Might just have to pay them a visit when I go home to FL. ;)

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tylerdurden Member since:

If you venture through OSX86 site you'll see the collective bricks that are being sh*tted all over with regards to all the stuff that has been found to have "made it" to the rebel EFI rip off. Jesus, they even included useless and outdated kexts on the package, probably because Pysstar does not know better.

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