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Features, Office A few weeks ago, we talked about how the rise of computing, a field wherein English is the primary language, is affecting smaller languages, and more specifically, the Dutch language (because that's my native tongue). Of course, it's not just the smaller languages that are affected - English, too, experiences the pressure.
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Copyrightable names
by rif42 on Sat 5th Dec 2009 10:39 UTC
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Camel casing in brand and product names would come from an interest to make a new name (one word) that can be copyrighted, yet the camel casing help to make it readable and pronounceable as words, even when seeing it first time.

E.g. "my space" could be a part of any sentence. "Myspace" is a distinct word, but would you pronounce it mys-pace or my-space? Hence MySpace, a brand name distinct yet pronounceable.

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