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Internet & Networking Despite the recent interest in adopting HTML5's video tag, there is still one major problem: there is no mandated standard video codec for the video tag. The two main contestants are the proprietary and patended h264, and the open and free Theora. In a comment on an article about this problematic situation, LWN reader Trelane posted an email exchange he had with MPEG-LA, which should further cement Theora as the obvious choice.
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RE[2]: Thumbs Up
by lemur2 on Tue 2nd Feb 2010 13:44 UTC in reply to "RE: Thumbs Up"
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Am I the only person who prefers quality to Freedom then?

* I'll take NVidia's proprietary drivers over the open nv driver because it works better.

* I'll take Nero AAC encoder over FAAC because it works better.

* I'll take h.264 over Theora/Dirac because it works better.

After recent significant improvements in Theora, h.264 no longer works appreciably better than Theora.

If someone is feeding you a story and telling you otherwise, just check that they aren't in fact speaking for one of these companies:

BTW, the recently available open source drivers for ATI video cards, now included in Linux kernel 2.6.32 or later, work just great. 3D-capable drivers out of the box, nothing more to install, automatically updated along with kernel upgrades.

I have no comment on AAC, other than to observe that Vorbis is also a lossy audio codec that achieves significantly better sound quality than mp3, but it has added advantage of having no possibility of being encumbered with DRM.

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