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In the News If you thought the growing criticism directed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office would force them to rethink their strategies in granting patents, you're most likely wrong. After a re-examination that took more than four years, the USPTO has reconfirmed Amazon's ominous one-click patent.
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RE: the crazies
by irbis on Thu 11th Mar 2010 02:21 UTC in reply to "the crazies"
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To the commenters 1 & 2

So I suppose you were also referring to my comment above (although I fail to see the point)?
One agency is not the whole government and FYI UPTSO have existed under all parties' government.

I only emphasized the simple fact that patent officies and policies don't exist in an isolation from wider political and economic structures. That is also precisely the very reason why most other countries have so far escaped a similar software patent mess what they now have in the USA. People working at the patent offices in the USA, or in the EU or elsewhere are hardly very different from each other - but, the surrounding political and economical structures are different, and it is because of that why politics related to software patents can be very different in different parts of the world.
Do you think the US army is incompetent ?! that "evil" government-run agency

What an earth has that, or the rest of your low class rant, got to do with anything discusssed here? Could we, please, concentrate on the topic, and stay away from off-topic low class ranting and trolling?

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RE[2]: the crazies
by Ikshaar on Thu 11th Mar 2010 07:28 in reply to "RE: the crazies"
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So I suppose you were also referring to my comment above

My bad.. it was 2 and 3.

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