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OS/2 and eComStation Now this is one for the rumour pile. Yes, a rumour about a long-gone (mostly) operating system that lots of people have fond memories of. Barbara Darrow, Senior News Director at, claims that IBM is mulling over a reintroduction of OS/2. Wait, what?
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How about the Voyager Project?
by BlueofRainbow on Wed 21st Apr 2010 00:54 UTC
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Maybe someone-somewhere is thinking (dreaming?) of the same kind of revival BeOS now has achieved with Haiku.

Whatever the quality of the rumour, it rings similar to what the Voyager project is all about, .

Given the fond memories (and main gripes) about OS/2, one could wonder about the motivation of Voyager - it's all about objects:

"OS/2: Everything is an object [tm]
MacOS X: Not everything is an object
Gnome: We once tried objects
KDE: We claim there are objects
Windows: There is no object"

The aim of Voyager appears to hybridize the GUI (Workplace Shell) and a more modern kernel/resource manager:

"Voyager is the codename for the idea of having a replacement OS/2, or rather of the OS/2 Workplace Shell (WPS) on top of modern technology. This idea is the result of thinking a lot about what we can do in the future as current OS/2 and eComStation users."

If IBM was to put a sizeable amount of resources to an hybridization project, in symbiotic relationship with an open-source project, then maybe the fond memories of OS/2 would not be memories anymore and the gripes about OS/2 might no longer be stumbling blocks.

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