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Legal We haven't discussed the lost iPhone 4G from Apple for a while now, mostly because there was nothing new to report. Now that the 10-page search warrant affidavit has been made available to the public, we finally have a much more complete picture of what exactly went down.
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Or, maybe they were preventing murder
by umccullough on Fri 14th May 2010 22:36 UTC
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I'd say that the time the police wasted by looking for a phone would be far better spent solving, I don't know, a murder or something. Yes, these guys made mistakes and broke the law, but in the end, this is just a phone. The device is returned, nobody got hurt, nobody died

Perhaps when Apple/Jobs contacted the police, they realized that the only way to prevent Jobs from murdering someone was to go get the phone pronto...

Thus, maybe they did their job after all?

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:) I'd mark this up as funny, but I already posted. And dammit you beat me!

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