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Apple You decide over the realness of this: "Without giving much details, those captures shows MacOSX x86 running on a 4 physical CPU-based MacIntel with Hyperthreading enable. One can clearly see 4 physical processors recognized while 8 logical processors are recorded by the CPU monitor."
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What to stop this from happening?
by whartung on Mon 10th Oct 2005 21:23 UTC
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I mean, why wouldn't it be real? What's to prevent Mac OS X from running on 4 processors?

Besides, didn't we see something earlier about Mac OS's basic issues with MP machines in general? Running in to a lot of locking and contention issues?

Maybe they're working on that as well...

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BryanFeeney Member since:

Money is what'd stop it from happening. It'd cost a fortune and wouldn't offer much of a benefit as there's not much software out there that can take advantage of eight logical CPUs. Personally I think it's a fake, but I guess we'll all see on Wednesday ;-)

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a person that sinks that much money into that many CPU's has either a need for it - graphics rendering/video editing etc... or just has a lot of money to burn and like a gear head likes a hot rod.

What I wonder though is what's the big deal? So the Mac can support multiple proc's big deal. What am I not getting?

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PostgreSQL and MySQL could sure take advantage of a quad SMP system. Rumor is big companies use this "SQL" thing. Maybe Apple is trying to make a "product" they will like.

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