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Original OSNews Interviews It's been a while since any of us have seen head or tail of the Open Graphics Project, but they haven't been just sitting around twiddling thumbs. Enjoy an in-depth interview between OSNews and Timothy Miller, the founder of the Open Graphics Project and the main man behind the drive that keeps it going, and Michael Dexter, Program Director at Linux Fund and a key player in Linux Fund's partnership with the OGP. Though it's been some time since there has been much public action, much of the work that the OGP has been putting into the OGD1 is finally coming to fruition.
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RE: Emulator support
by WereCatf on Thu 24th Jun 2010 10:47 UTC in reply to "Emulator support"
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Otherwise, I don't see people coding drivers for $800 hardware that probably has about the same performance as a Radeon 9600, twice its power consumption, and less than a thousandth of its user base. Nice project, though.

It's not too powerful, indeed, but it was never even meant to be. The whole point of OGD1 is that you can customize ANY part of it as you see fit with detailed instructions as to how to do it and all, and as such it's an absolutely fantastic piece of hardware for anyone who is genuinely interested in hardware development as opposed to software development, and it could f.ex. be hugely useful to engineering students et al.

I personally wouldn't know what to do with OGD1, but hey, I don't belong in the target audience anyway. And from what I've seen at offer elsewhere it seems very competitive compared to other similar products, both performance- and pricewise, not to mention it being completely open and as such allowing for larger amount of cooperation and experimentation between the developers.

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