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Hardware, Embedded Systems InfoWorld's Neil McAllister offers 10 reasons why the PC is here to stay despite Steve Jobs' recent pronouncement that the iPad signals the end of the PC era. 'Depending on whom you ask, the iPad will save journalism, rescue the book publishing business, transform the movie industry, change the way we communicate, and make the perfect omelet. But there are plenty of reasons to suspect that at least some of these predictions will prove overly optimistic. Even more dubious is the idea that the iPad signals a true sea change in computing,' McAllister writes. Chief among the reasons the PC is not dead yet are desktops' comparative cost-effectiveness, the lack of versatility of mobile devices, the fact that desktop and mobile OSes don't mix, and limitations inherent to tablet devices' dependencies on the cloud.
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Is the PC Era over?
by shotsman on Wed 7th Jul 2010 09:38 UTC
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Well, IMHO the answer is Almost.

If you think back to the evolution of another technology that we are all familiar with, the four wheeled personal transportation system most of us own. AKA, the Car.

In the beginning, they were very unreliable. To get around, you pretty well had to be an expert mechanic even thought they were pretty simple devices.
Then along came Henry Ford with the Model T.
In came the era of mass produced cars that sorta worked. They still broke down but were far more reliable than the previous generation.
After WW2 cars got bigger more comfortable and Automatic Gearboxes became the norm in North America.
In came the era of 'Take it to a mechanic to get it fixed.' Tinkering (apart from the real petrolheads (aka Car Geeks) was most certainly not the norm.

Fast forward to today.
How many people even dare look under the bonnet (sorry hood) to do anythnig except fill the screen washer bottle up.
Everything is co complicated that now we are in the era of the 'take it to the factory appointed dealer to fix'. Cars are appliances just like the Dishwaher & Microwave and TV.

IMHO, this mirrors what has and is happening with the PC market.
We are at that transition point the 'Take it to the factory dealer' stage. Where everything is so complicated there is no hope of joe public fixing anything.
I say this with a tinge of regret as once upon a time I used to fix PDP-11's down to Logic level with a datascope and the supplied schematics.(Cira 1977).

PC's are becomeing appliances. Sure some geeks can tinker with them.
Devices like the iPad won't replace the home PC YES. Possible not for a generation or two but for MOST people out there (An certainly not the OSNEWS readers) something like an iPAd with a home server that runs itself and can store all the gazillion piccies of little johhny growing up with ease and security that is buried away somewher at home in the basement or in the cupboard under the stairs or even in the Cloud, surely can't be that far away.
Do I regret this progress?
In some ways, is do. But there will be a space in the market for PC geeks like there is space in the Car market for kit builders and companies like Morgan etc.

The advent of usabled devices like the iPad is going to herald a mega change in how wthe average punter uses computers. Maybe not this year or next but the StarTrek communicator dream ain't that so far fetched is it?

In this little story, it takes a company like Apple to trigger this change in the way we perceive these devices. They may get swept aside by others who end up doing a better job with innovation but hey, that is life.
Personally, I take my hats off to the Apple designers. But maybe in 10 years, we may regard the iPad and other devices of its generation as antiques and/or toys.
That my fellow OSNews readers is progress & evolution.
Sometimes Evolution does go up a dead end. the tablet as we know it might be one. But hey, I'm looking forward to finding out.

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RE: Is the PC Era over?
by biffuz on Wed 7th Jul 2010 19:56 in reply to "Is the PC Era over?"
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Except for a little difference: tweaking a modern PC can be difficult, but nobody tells you that you can't try. With these closed appliances, we're moving to the direction of making it illegal. Because "there's no other reason to do this other than piracy".

This is what scares me the most.

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