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Apple I love OSNews, but it does seem like some of its editors enjoy just a little too much taking a good natured jab at Apple upon occasion (well, more like every chance that particular editor can get). I thought it time for a little good news and analysis about Apple that critics often overlook.
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RE: I'm A Little Surprised...
by No it isnt on Thu 16th Sep 2010 22:35 UTC in reply to "I'm A Little Surprised..."
No it isnt
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Instead of looking at an Apple and then trying to get a different brand with equal features, do it the other way around. Put together a nice Dell that does what you need it to do, and then see what you have to pay for a Mac of similar performance. Voila: now the Mac is ridiculously expensive.

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RE[2]: I'm A Little Surprised...
by Morgan on Fri 17th Sep 2010 01:31 in reply to "RE: I'm A Little Surprised..."
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That's because Apple bends you over the fence with their upgrade and CTO pricing. It's common knowledge among Mac heads that you should buy the Mac stock and get your upgrade components third party.

I remember way back in '05 when I bought a G4 mini, I had configured it up with the specs I wanted and it was close to $1000 for a machine that started out at $499. I backed up and just bought it stock plus WiFi/Bluetooth (those were optional on the first G4s), and maxed out the memory and hard drive aftermarket. After throwing in the cost of the two putty knives, I came to a grand total of about $700. That was a savings of nearly $300!

In short, NEVER configure-to-order a Mac. Buy it stock and upgrade it yourself, and you'll stay within the realm of comparable Windows PC prices.

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Wrong. I can get a fine Dell (monitor and all) for less than the cheapest iMac, and only the most expensive iMac supports a half-decent GPU. Apple just isn't competitive in the midrange desktop space.

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RE[2]: I'm A Little Surprised...
by theTSF on Sat 18th Sep 2010 15:15 in reply to "RE: I'm A Little Surprised..."
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The issue isn't that Macs are more expensive then PC's it is that there are not many models of macs to choose from. You are correct if you build a PC to fit what you need it do it will be cheaper then a Mac.

However the thing complaint is Apple is marking their hardware up just because it is a Mac. And that is untrue. because as the studies go if you try to match all the specs of a Mac into a PC you get about the same price. So when you are buying say $500 more for a Mac it is because you are get $500 more technology (wether it being smaller or faster)

Apples issue has been the limited models available. Or the lack of truly custom built systems. That isn't the MacPro.

So to get the best bang for your buck and you know what to get Getting a PC now adays with Windows 7 or Linux if you want to go that route, and your time to try to figure out what will truly fit your needs chances are you will get a good deal on a PC. However if you get a Mac you will get more then what you need. And sometimes that is a good thing as you may find that the new feature you though was a joke is actually quite useful. Or (like my lighted keyboard) a feature you could do without.

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So I guess the rest of the points brought out in this article has merit since the "Apple Tax" has been beaten to death in the comments.

This all really just shows that people who want things to just work are willing to pay a little bit more for a good product. The most successful companies have figured this out, which is why they aren't as hurt as the rest(mainstream) when the economy gets bad.

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