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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Well, this was inevitable. After Samsung and Sony Ericsson abandoning Symbian for their line of smartphones, and after Symbian Foundation executive director Lee Williams leaving the company for "personal reasons", there's now a report that the Symbian Foundation is winding down its operations, in preparation for closing up shop entirely.
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Not exactly my point.

Sorry, but that *was* your point.

Symbian is not a kernel that is maintained by the community

Being open source doesn't make something better.
Neither iOS nor Windows Mobile / Phone's kernel are community maintained, yet they do the job fine (yeah, I know WM6 is garbage, but that's a use interface issue).

and it's not in large scale use(*).

It is on phones and that's exactly what we're talking about.

(*)and since I know that you will reply by pointing out that Symbian is used in millions of devices, I'd like to clear that out as well: when I say "not large-scale use", I don't mean users, I mean manufacturers

It's variety of handsets that matter, not manufacturers. Manufactures will use similar (even the same in many cases) hardware as their competitors. for example Snapdragon has featured in a few competing products.
So it doesn't matter if only 3 or so manufacturers shipped Symbian - it was still on a massive array of handsets.

My point is that there is no point in investing in kernels that are either custom or limited in usage, as Symbian is.

"Custom"? that doesn't even make sense. Android uses a customized Linux kernel. Pretty much every kernel for an embedded OS will be a custom kernel. In fact, I'm really not sure theres such thing as a "non-custom" embedded kernel.

How am I supposed to know that some people wouldn't understand the obvious?

Quit the trolling will you. You clearly posted half an opinion and now frantically trying to justify the illogic you originally presented.

In fact - and I'm going to be blunt here as this will be my last reply to you - you've been talking out of your anus since the opening post. Yes, Symbian as an OS sucks arse. But to lay that down to the kernel is simply idiotic.

These days people put too much emphasis on the kernel. The fact is, 99% of the time, OSs fall apart because the user space tools are garbage. So ditching a Symbian kernel for a Linux kernel wouldn't make any difference what-so-ever if you have the same crappy developers writing the same crappy user space tools.

Anyway, good luck trying to convince the others on here. Many of which (myself included, albeit less so) have developed or patched kernels in their time so are well versed on the subject.

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