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Internet & Networking We will try to get a GPRS internet connection using Linux-based phones as modems and route the connection to Mac OS X via Bluetooth. This guide is for Mac OS X, the US Cingular GPRS service only (other providers might work out of the box with the phone, others might not at all -- you never know with GPRS) and any of the Linux-based Motorola smartphones like the A760, A780, E680/i etc (they are all identical regarding their 'modem' functionality).
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What about the other way around?
by elmimmo on Fri 14th Oct 2005 07:00 UTC
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Any way to browse with your mobile using your Mac's Internet connection through Bluetooth?

The Sharing system preferences seem to have a "share internet connection through Bluetooth, but I cannot sort out how to use it with my N-Gage, or if it is supposed to do that at all…

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Your question is a very valid one. There are a lot of PDA users who want to get bluetooth internet connection via their Mac, but Apple does NOT provide this feature. Apple provides the ability to share a bluetooth connection to another network interface (e.g. WiFi), but not from another network interface *to* Bluetooth device. So, don't waste any time trying to make this work. This is why I even wrote this a while back:

So, no, you can't share a network connection to Bluetooth device with Tiger. You could do it with Panther with some command line work, but it seems that no one has figured it out for Tiger yet.

But even if this was supported, the Linux motorola phones don't support that. They only support accepting a network connection either via Edge, GPRS or CSD. No Bluetooth or WiFi, even if they had the hardware in place. They don't support it in the software level.

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Thanks for the reply.

Can you expand then, please, what is Bluetooth supposed to do in the Sharing system preferences? I see that you already mentioned that one could "share a bluetooth connection to another network interface (e.g. WiFi), but not from another network interface *to* Bluetooth device". But I still cannot make out what that means exactly, or what this literal (transl. from Spanish) setting means: "Share connection from Bluetooth with computers that use Ethernet/Firewire/Airport".

What would that accomplish? What would you use that with, for instance? (the Help System is quite lacking on that)

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