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Apple Now this is interesting. My brand-new MacBook Air 11.6" is at my local Apple retailer because either the SATA part of the logic board or the SSD died mysteriously, and here we have Apple blocking PhotoFast from selling their faster, more spacious replacement drives.
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RE[7]: Wrong speed for me.
by phoenix on Wed 1st Dec 2010 19:18 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Wrong speed for me. "
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SSDs have 0 seek time; there are no moving heads to align.

Each flash block is individually addressable and can be accessed "instantaneously". You'll never see "seek time" listed for an SSD: THEY HAVE NONE.

What I think you are getting at is that TFA only lists the raw read/write throughput for the two SSDs, without listing the IOps.

Random read/write and sequential read/write specs are virtually identical for SSDs. That's what makes them superior to rotating disks.

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