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Windows Very light on details, but this is interesting nonetheless - very interesting, and potentially one of the biggest things to have hit the operating systems business this decade. Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft plans to announce Windows for ARM processors at CES in January 2011.
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RE[9]: what's the point?
by Nelson on Wed 22nd Dec 2010 22:21 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: what's the point?"
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People with a time / technology horizon that goes beyond the walled landscape of MS will not care much about stellar productivity promises: they have never materialize and neither WP7 nor Silverlight is any different.

Really? We went from drawing board to app store in less than a month and are getting some decent returns out of an ad supported application. You cant tell me that there are no productivity gains in developers being able to use familiar languages and frameworks with competent design and development tools.

I'll be waiting in the real world when you decide to join it.

In fact, we achieved a pretty decent amount of code sharing from our desktop solution due to the common language and framework. Basically all of our backend model and binding/validation logic was reused, we only wrote a new UI to accomondate the smaller display and look and feel of WP7.

You can doubt, you can deny, but my checks sure seem to materialize in my bank account.

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RE[10]: what's the point?
by TheGZeus on Fri 24th Dec 2010 01:04 in reply to "RE[9]: what's the point?"
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Yes, ability to easily create revenue is indeed the best way of measuring the quality of a software platform.

iFart is proof that ObjC/XCode is the most fantastic development language/environment.


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