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Windows Ah, something Microsoft really couldn't use right now: problems with the very first update to its Windows Phone 7 operating system. In this very competitive marketplace, in which WP7 is a late newcomer, it can't use major problems like this. The thing is though - how big of a problem is this, really? And, is it even Microsoft's fault at all?
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RE: Comment by t3RRa
by Neolander on Thu 24th Feb 2011 07:16 UTC in reply to "Comment by t3RRa"
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Probably some sort of competition... "The world's most crappy smartphone update system".

Anyway, who needs any other thing than security updates ? Look at all those people still using Windows XP without major problems in the desktop world, that's the way it should be done ;) As long as app compaibility is kept at this level, there's no reason to replace a firmware that works with something that may work, but could be an absolute disaster (cf iPhone 3G iOS 4 update and now this), just for the sake of aesthetics.

New phones should use the latest version, to ensure that gradually it becomes widespread, but that's it.

Now if it's vendors and developers who want that users keep their phones up to date, in order to be able to use the latest releases' functionality in their applications, that's another story. In that case, they must do with their impatience by making a new release which works on all devices and installs flawlessly. Preferably simply by downloading and running a file on the phone : no silly desktop application, no need to depend on the carrier's nonexistent good will. Afaik, that's not quite the way it workd ATM.

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RE[2]: Comment by t3RRa
by t3RRa on Thu 24th Feb 2011 09:20 in reply to "RE: Comment by t3RRa"
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But many of people play games, newer games require more processing powers and demand more features for better graphics from graphic cards and DirectX (on Windows of course) which requires upgrade to the OS (at least up to Vista or preferably 7). Windows XP is soon going to die for gamers. It would soon only be useful for offices..

And phones are emerging as gaming devices nowadays and yes we could see similar problems to desktop systems somewhat surprisingly. And we are confronting those not-used-to-be situations. It is not a problem only for Apple but everyone.

I hope OSNews staff members would only report the facts but their own personal opinions showing their preferences or hates ... at least should not emphasize too much as seen these days. Otherwise, as I have already called.. its a blog! nvm

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The DX9/DX10 issue is mostl artificial. Microsoft could have simply released a DX10 build for XP but it was leveraged to premote Vista and now Win7 sales. Hence, gamers will eventually have to migrate to win7 if they haven't already due to artificial scarcety of DX10 for XP.

My issue becomes the games that won't run on win7. I've got some great older and highly replayable titles that are due to go the way of Longbox2. Maybe Shogun Total War will run clean on my desktop hardware and win7 but it sure doesn't like my notebook and win7. I may be looking at a tripple boot; winXP for games, win7 for games, Debian for real work.

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