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Intel Apple has just updated its line of MacBook Pros. Usually, this isn't anything to get particularly excited about, but this time around, they've got a genuine treat: Thunderbolt. Apple is the first to use this new connection technology, developed at Intel and believed to be the copper version of Lightpeak. It's pretty impressive.
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"props to Apple for having the balls to take the plunge."

I don't know about that, since all they really did was extend the mini DisplayPort connector they already would have had with additional functionality.
It's like saying the first company that delivered a combined USB/eSATA port had balls to take that plunge.
Sure, Thunderbolt requires a special chip, so it cost Apple more money to include it than if they would have just sticked with a regular mini DisplayPort. But the connector itself is no gamble, since they have already used it on every laptop in the previous lineup.
And since Apple products cost alot more than regular PC hardware, the additional cost is a non-issue.

That said, I _do_ think the technology itself looks promising and I really don't mind the fact that _someone_ took the plunge to start using it. ;)

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Do they actually usb/esata ports in one port? I am so behind on hardware news...

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Do they actually usb/esata ports in one port? I am so behind on hardware news...

Yeah, some desktop motherboards and laptops have a few USB ports that double as eSata. The ports are close enough that it's feasible, and takes up less room.

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Check the links at the bottom for some examples. The first link from Gigabyte has pictures of it.

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