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Gnome "Gnome Shell 2.91.90 was released yesterday getting some fine adjustments according to the release announcement: 'This release just about concludes user interface changes anticipated before GNOME 3.0. The only significant change we expect after this release is to add a native network indicator based on NetworkManager 0.9.' Gnome Shell 2.91.90 brings new automatic workspaces, removed minimize and maximize buttons from window titlebars, a PolicyKit authentication agent and more."
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RE[2]: Very nice, but......
by sorpigal on Fri 25th Feb 2011 11:55 UTC in reply to "RE: Very nice, but......"
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Silly user! No one needs to work with two windows from the same application! Or, if you need that you can click extra times! It's not as if convenience for common use cases like this is as important as following an artist's mockup that looks pretty.

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RE[3]: Very nice, but......
by muszek on Fri 25th Feb 2011 13:49 in reply to "RE[2]: Very nice, but......"
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Usage scenarios with 2 windows of the same app, off the top of my head:
* I'm using a web browser and want to open another window in anonymous mode (I do quite often to log in as another user on websites I create - this way I don't kill the original session).
* chat windows in IM programs (Pidgin) are separate from the main window (the one with a buddy list).
* open some app as root (a text editor would be a common example)
* GIMP's interface is multi-windowed.

I'm using Docky on the left on "older" Gnome (2.32), placed on the left (the same as on the video in TFA). There's a option (AFAIR not a default) to have an indicator next to dock icons that tells that there are multiple windows open. Right click brings a contextual menu that lets me choose a window to be focused. It's not very handy (I'd like a left click on an icon to toggle focused windows).

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RE[4]: Very nice, but......
by Rahul on Fri 25th Feb 2011 14:21 in reply to "RE[3]: Very nice, but......"
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It seems a number of people are commenting solely based on their misunderstanding of some text rather than any actual user experience. GNOME Shell allows users to run multiple times the same app. It is just not the default action when you click on a icon. Right click provides a option "New Window" which does the task just fine.

Also Maximize and Minimize are still options and can be enabled via dconf. Just not the default.

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RE[3]: Very nice, but......
by dizzey on Sat 26th Feb 2011 12:05 in reply to "RE[2]: Very nice, but......"
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I hope you are sarcastic. making pcb's in eagle for exampel you want to use the schematic editor and the layout editor at the same time. interaction in one window will result in changes in th other editor.

but then i would say that the proper solution is two monitors or putting the windows on different workspace.

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