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Multimedia, AV The WebM project Blog has announced an update release of the VP8 Codec SDK codenamed the "Bali" release. The Bali release was focused on making the encoder faster while continuing to improve its video quality.
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RE[4]: One request...
by 1c3d0g on Thu 10th Mar 2011 13:32 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: One request..."
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Well fucking said! I'm tired of developers whining about actually working for a change.

"Ooh, it's too slow!!!" Well guess what, do what you're supposed to do, what you're PAID to do and encode the damn video's already.

Just like web developers. "Oh noes, we have to move to a newer format (HTML5), I can't do it!!!" Well guess what again loser, get off your fat ass and code the damn website already.

If most developers were actually just slightly less lazy, we wouldn't be stuck with stupid apps that relied on outdated programs (IE6) to begin with.

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