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Windows "Microsoft is right on schedule with this month's Windows Vista CTP. We had to really pull some strings to get this release slightly ahead of schedule, but we managed it and it's our pleasure to bring you our initial analysis of the new build, titled 5231. It's becoming clear that Microsoft is serious about Vista, as it keeps getting better with every CTP release."
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by ZaNkY on Wed 19th Oct 2005 15:46 UTC
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Doesn't it cost a whole lot of money to enroll in MSDN? I tried once, I think I have some sort of account with them, but I couldn't find any links to a beta program or something. I'll try looking again today. Would you happen to have a link that could help me out?


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by kaiwai on Wed 19th Oct 2005 16:12 in reply to "MSDN"
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You'll most likely need to be subscribed to their 'everything but the kitchen sink' MSDN subsciption, which costs a few bob; the public access beta is a bit of a hit and miss in regards to whether one is chosen.

The best bet is to ring up your local Microsoft ofice, or even come in and vist them to inquire about getting a copy of their beta - 9/10, they'll have a spare cd of it hanging around the office that they give out to big clients who may wish to chat to Microsoft directly.

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by n4cer on Wed 19th Oct 2005 16:48 in reply to "RE: MSDN"
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You only need to subscribe to the Operating Systems level to get Vista via MSDN.

TechNet Plus is also an option:

Besides that or the suggestion of requesting a copy through your regional MS office (likely a good bet), Beta 2 should be available via public CTP around December as mentioned previously.

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