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Legal The hearing regarding the preliminary injunction in the German Apple v. Samsung case is currently under way. Biggest revelation so far? Samsung is accusing Apple of 27 (!) cases of altering pictures, all done to make Samsung's products appear more similar to Apple's than they really are. Like last time, Andreas Udo de Haes, editor at, present in the court room, is covering this. Update: It's on. Update II: Apple claims official picture of Galaxy Tab is rigged. Update III: Lolwut Apple? Update IV: Neelie Kroes is on the edge of her seat. Update V: The judge has upheld the German preliminary injunction. Final ruling on September 9.
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by supergear on Thu 25th Aug 2011 12:51 UTC
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Samsung is just copying everything Apple does. The Galaxy S phones look too much like the iPhone that people get confused so they should be banned worldwide. The Galaxy Tab looks so much like the iPad Samsung should be ordered to pay Apple all of the profit they have earned since its first release.

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RE: copycats
by JAlexoid on Thu 25th Aug 2011 13:48 in reply to "copycats"
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Apple: Copycats! Copycats! Copycats! ... Oh look! Jailbreakers have some new ideas we can "integrate". Ooooo.... Shiny notifications.... /s

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RE: copycats
by umccullough on Thu 25th Aug 2011 16:43 in reply to "copycats"
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The Galaxy S phones look too much like the iPhone that people get confused so they should be banned worldwide.

I know right?!

Same problem with tires - every time i see those round black things on a wheel, I immediately assume they're Firestone tires, and then I get up close and they're Michelin! DAMNIT! They should outlaw anyone else from making black circular rubber tires... even though they have the name brand printed right on them, it's sooo confusing!

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RE[2]: copycats
by kristoph on Thu 25th Aug 2011 16:53 in reply to "RE: copycats"
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Actually, funny you should say that, because tires were patented, tubeless tires were patented, tires with added stuff to make them stronger were patented and so on.

The only reason why those round black things are used by everyone these days is that the patents have long expired. If you made one just like it (even if it was made of different stuff) while the patent was still in force you would face litigations.

That's sort of the way patents and copyrights work (not saying it's right but if you have an issue it's the laws you should be looking to change).


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RE: copycats
by vitae on Fri 26th Aug 2011 23:52 in reply to "copycats"
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Just wanted to congratulate you on making it all the way down to -9 (as of this posting). Don't think I've ever seen that before.

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